Constècnia – Empresa Constructora

Month: January 2019

A new style of fast building pioneer in Spain as an answer to the urgent need for housing in the city. A new way of building homes, guaranteeing standards of quality and habitability.
Inspired on projects developed all over Europe, the APROP are blocks built with maritime containers that are fully adapted to the regulations and completely functional. All of them will be manufactured in an operation base and then moved to Ciutat Vella (Barcelona), where they will be installed. They will also have the possibility of being disassembled and moved wherever you need them.
A concept that could be assimilated to some utopian and futuristic theories of “Plug-in-City” buildings that adapt to the needs of the city and users, which would create a precedent that we are proud of being part of it.
A new challenge that combines coordination, teamwork, research and development of innovative solutions to make a new way of building a reality.