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“Gaudí Centre” The Discovery Area of Modernism

“Gaudí Centre” The Discovery Area of Modernism

Location: Reus
Developer: GUPSA (Gestió Urban Public)
Project Manager: Mr. Gabriel Bosques
Start date: November 2005
End date: May 2007

This building is located in the Plaza Mercadal, with a usable space of 1.966 m2 in the heart of the historic and commercial centre of the city.

This modern building includes an exhibition space and an interpretation centre of the life and work of Gaudí, as well as the Tourist Office and gifts shop on the ground floor and a restaurant on the roof.

The work consisted of remodelling the building of the former bank Santander and turning it into an educational area in order to promote the  city and to pay tribute to Antoni Gaudí. We managed to adapt the building to the needs of the new exhibition-educational and promotional uses as well as to radically change the aesthetics of the building in order to turn its outer image as the first appeal of its new uses, and give a modern aesthetics to the image of the interior elements of vertical communication. Finally, the objective was to set up spaces for its suitable operation in the exhibition and service areas.

The main actions that were carried out are:

  • Total emptying of the inside of the building: structural consolidation with reinforced pillars and ceilings, ADAPTATION to the new use of spaces and facilities, and change and clarification of the connection between the interior spaces with the exterior part of the building.
  • Elimination of double space in the entrance: increasing the useful space.
  • Visual permeability of the ground floor, making it clear and visually open to the streets, with free access for the public.
  • Visual and aesthetic arrangement of the third floor and the roof.
  • Usage of environmentally sustainable energy sources (solar panels).
  • Action on the facades.