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Improving Access and Services of the Roman Amphitheatre

Improving Access and Services of the Roman Amphitheatre

Location: Tarragona
Developer: City Council of Tarragona
Project Manager: Mr. Jesús Vázquez (stage 1) - Balcells Arquitectes SL (stage 2)
Start date: March 2002 (Stage 1) - October 2006 (stage 2)
End date: October 2002 (Stage 1) - January 2008 (stage 2)

In the first stage of the project, the works on the archaeological site of the Roman amphitheatres in Tarragona mainly consisted ofprecise digging for the restoration of the walls in the premises of the Roman Amphitheatre and for the consolidation of the pavement accesses to the arena of the Amphitheatre; all the digging work was carried out manually under continuous supervision of an archaeologist for the detection of possible archaeological remains and their recovery.

The works of the second stage consisted, firstly, of ensuring the safety of visitors circulating in the enclosure and, secondly, preventing the degradation of the original remains.

Two zones of action were defined:

ZONE I. Lowering of the slope, earth retention in the perimeter access.

ZONE II Access to the arena and side storages.