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Changing Rooms and Storage in the Municipal Stadium Reus

Changing Rooms and Storage in the Municipal Stadium Reus

Location: Reus
Developer: Reus Esport i Lleure, SA
Project Manager: Mr. Josep Martí
Start date: May 2010
End date: January 2011

The extension was of a total of 767 m2 which were built in Reus Municipal Stadium containing a locker room area and a warehouse for the fields in the sports complex. They were created with a rectangular shape and approximate dimensions of 35 x 12.8 m and 43 x 7.40 m respectively.

The buildings are structured on one unique floor and are parallel to the American football pitch. They are located between the two main pitches in order to offer immediate service to the users. In contrast, the warehouse building is used for the maintenance of all facilities together with a small specific room for sports equipment.

The buildings and facades structure are made of prefabricated concrete panels; the roof is flat, non-trafficable and has internal divisions with cement block and multi-layer resin pavement.