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The works on LIDL Palamos store have now been finished; it counts on a surface area of 2.052,92 m2, a 3.087,21 m2 car park with 91 parking spaces. The building is distributed  in an open sales room, a storage room, a bakery, the restrooms area for staff and clients  and the loading dock.

The main structure of the building is made of concrete and a prefabricated metal structure, simple roofwith a light coversystem. The facades are made of prefabricated concrete panels and finished with a composite panel.

The exterior part of the premises will be developed in to a car park area.

The opening of the square Portal D’Avall and its new pedestrian zone in Camí de Tarragona.

This works have offered a considerable enlargement of the Puig Ferrater Avenue and San Rafael Street area, as well as improving the traffic management.

All pavements are now on the same level. This has meant the suppression of the existent architectural barriers and also an improvement of the access to the square that has converted the area in a suitable and green meeting point and turned it into a real Portal.

Existing installations have also been replaced, upgrading them when necessarily according to the Council regulations.


The works that were carried out were, first of all, the demolishment of the old square, including its services and old pavement so that the area was levelled. A new asphalt pavement was also done for both, the vehicle and the pedestrian area together with the sewage system, the water supply, the public lighting, the low voltage system and the telecommunications one.

Gardening works consisted of the removal of the existent tree but only after they were conveniently pruned so that they could be replanted in a different area of the town. Magnolias and two oak trees were planted in the central planters.

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These are the works include the demolition of a multifamily houses building from its ground floorto its top floorand it is located in 18,EstanislauFigueres Avenue, Tarragona.
The demolition will  be done element to element, following the reverse order to their construction.

For resistant elements, the demolition will be done floor per floor by symmetrically lightening and removing the burden on the elements before demolishing them.

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