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Adaptation of an Industrial Unit For Supermarket and Urbanization

Adaptation of an Industrial Unit For Supermarket and Urbanization

Location: La Selva del Camp
Developer: Consum
Project Manager: BOG
Start date: October 2012
End date: April 2013

The old premises of the Cooperativa Agricola, particularly two industrial units, were adapted for a supermarket covering a total of 2000 m2. The first step into the project was emptying the industrial units and preparing the facades and roof.

The total area developed included the supermarket and a car park area and had a total of 2.625 m2.

The adaptation of the industrial units consisted of:

  • Demolition of all existent interior constructions.
  • Demolition of some parts of the walls and the facade
  • Creating facade openings for shutters to be placed in.
  • Bricking up existing windows and openings in the facade with perforated brick.Replacement of existing fibre cement roof by sandwich roof.
  • Filling all the openings with concrete and gravel.
  • Construction of a new shelter forthe main access, covering the entire length of the facade.
  • Openings and adaptation of the facades for ventilation and installations with metal lintels and on site covering.

The development of the outdoor parking area included:

  • Resurfacing the entire surface.
  • Executing manufactured pavement on the main entrance area and along the part of the access area.
  • Opening the existing fence for the two new accesses, for vehicles and people.
  • General lighting of the parking area.
  • Construction of shelters on a part of the car park spaces.