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Constècnia is a family business specialized in Construction with over 30 years history.

Our services are  based on  a responsible development of our work,  a strong vocation as builders and a wide experience within all departments involved in a project, committing to quality, price and deadlines.

Our scope of key action is the province of Tarragona, although we work all over Catalonia.

In the current difficult times, we hope to take advantage of the opportunities we are given in order to commit to innovation both in our processes and resources as well as when developing our staff. This allows us to be more competitive as well as to improve our weak points and reinforce our strengths for further diverse and more complex works.

We differ from other construction companies because:

  • We work with contracts of transparency, ensuring to our clients that their investment reverts entirely in their project.
  • We create a collaborative environment with the Project Manager and the Property.
  • We are constantly readjusting the planning as well as coordinating with the industry.
  • We assume financial and legal risks of the execution, as well as providing post-work guarantee
  • We take responsibility for the management of workers involved in a project in terms of training, talent retention and Health and Safety at work (based on risk management and the implementation of measures to reduce them).
  • We offer a direct communication between our clients and the management of the project.
  • We foster best practices in the environmental area where we propose initiatives to identify risks and opportunities as well as solutions to common problems.

We have a clear objective: to satisfy our clients’ needs with the maximum efficiency.

Constècnia is taken as a reference in the construction sector in our area. Our team participates in the development of one of the key sectors of economy and is committed to economic and social progress of our territory.

Gerard Prats Ferré

Managing Director

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