Constècnia – Empresa Constructora


The temporary union of companies formed by CONSTÈCNIA 3, SL and OMS-SACEDE, SAU is in luck. During this week, has been carried out the adjudication of the contract was awarded for the construction of the new sewage treatment plant of La Selva del Camp. At the end of February, were carried out the openings of the different proposals presented by the companies where this UTE obtained the highest score in the sum of the technical evaluations and the economic offers.

It is a large investment carried out by the Town Council to solve the problems generated by the current treatment plant, as that isn’t sufficient for the entire flow that is currently received. The new municipal wastewater treatment plant will be built in one of the building sites on Mechanics Street in the industrial estate “La Drecera” of the town (very close to the site of the current EDAR). And it will have all the services and elements necessary to carry out a correct treatment of the wastewater of the town, while being adapted to all current needs.

Therefore, this week the UTE will present the final documentation to be able to make the award effective and start the works as quickly as possible and thus be able to provide the necessary service to the residents of La Selva del Camp.

Constècnia will carry out the construction of a new mall of the LIDL supermarket in the city of Reus. The designated site for the new supermarket will be Bernat Calvó Avenue (south of the city).

The start of the work is scheduled for this October month, and they will be carried out for approximately 6 months. During this time period, is planed the demolition of industrial warehouses that are currently in this site, the movement of lands and the new construction of the building of 3 floors, which will have a basement floor with a large parking area and more than 1.000 m2 of supermarket.

In this way, LIDL will expand the current offer in this city, moving from a current supermarket to the two it will have in the near future.

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