Constècnia – Empresa Constructora


The works of the archaeological intervention of the Deposit of Vilardida have begun during this month by the UTE Constècnia 3, SL and Paviments Asfàltics Móra d’Ebre, SA. The zone of intervention is located on both sides of the current route of the C-51 road as it passes through the Vilardida town, dependent on the Montferri and Vila-rodona.

The works are carried out with 3 differentiated phases: The first one consists of the clearing and cleaning of the land, excavation of topsoil and preparation of a final report. The second of the phases consists of the excavation with manual means of the areas marked with the intervention of a team trained fear Technicians specialists in archaeology. And the third of the phases consists of the placement of a geotextile and embankment with the lands of the work itself with the drafting of the final report of the intervention.

Emphasize that all work involving this project, will be supervised by archaeologists to ensure the proper execution of them.