Constècnia – Empresa Constructora


Last Sunday, January 28, coinciding with the winter festival, the “Parc del Bassal” was inaugurated in La Pobla de Mafumet. The act was held in the morning where there was child entertainment for all attendees and the presence of the authorities of the town.

The UTE formed by Constècnia 3, SL and Paviments Asfàltics Mòra d’Ebre, SA has carried out the works of execution of the new children’s equipment of the town over the last months. The children’s equipment consists of a total area of 1.898 m2, of which 950 m2 have been allocated to playground with different spaces for children of all ages and 948 m2 are part of the sports court, of which his rehabilitation has been carried out. The entire facility has a perimeter fence to improve the safety.

With all that the children of La Pobla de Mafumet already have a very complete outdoor equipment to complete the recreational offer of the town.