Constècnia – Empresa Constructora

metallic structure

During this month of January Constècnia has begun the work referring to the adequacy of the Roman Theatre of Tarragona, which will be carried out for 4,5 months.

This work has a special complexity due to its location, since it is a plot of 5.380 m2 with considerable slopes, limited by the Caputxins street to the north and the Sant Magí street to the south, so, a project and an intervention are required with all kinds of details, at the same time as a project respectful of the archaeological remains that are still preserved today.

This Project is based on emphasizing within its urban environment the theatre, and which is composed of four axes of action:

  • Research and archaeological excavation of the monument to better understand archaeological spaces.
  • The execution of the Works of conservation and restoration of the archaeological remains: cleaning, treatment, volumetric consolidation and reintegration of stone materials.
  • The museum of the space that will make the visitor understandable the size of this monument in the city in Roman times.
  • The location of the monument with the urban environment and in the set of elements that integrate the Roman Tarraco and thus facilitate its access.

These days the first phase of the Works has begun, which include the first three axes and ends in the summer with the monument’s musealization that will be solved with a metallic structure that will partially materialize the original geometry of the theatre in order to understand its importance.