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At the end of this year the works carried out by Constècnia of the project “Tomb de Muralles” of La Selva del Camp are advancing at a good pace.  The first of the 4 phases of this work, which includes the section between “els Ponts” and the “la Palma” square, is very close to seeing its end (current photo of phase 1). The buried facilities are finished and as you can see the two sidewalks are almost finished, it only remains to finish the road the execution of the asphalt.

Further, phase 3 of the works is initiated, that will be done before phase 2 due to a change in the initial order of these phases, in order to try to minimize the impact that works can cause in the neighbours and users of these roads. This new phase of the works includes from “els Ponts” to “Portal de Mates” and is already working with the execution of the new buried facilities.

During the work of this new phase will also be prioritized to minimize possible inconvenience to residents of the area and continuing the work at a good pace of execution to be ready as quickly as possible.

With the beginning of this month of August, the project of “Tomb de Muralles” from the Town Hall of La Selva del Camp took a step further. After the opening of the various proposals, has been awarded to Constècnia 3, SL the execution of the works included in this project.

The work to be carried out consists of the demolition of existing non-adequate elements, the explanation and paving and the realization of service networks of the “Raval Sant Pere”, the “Raval Sant Rafael” and “Passeig Josep Cristià”. To carry out this work different interventions will be carried out in each and every one of the “Tomb de Muralles” points, thus improving the current state and the general aspect of the area.

The works will be carried out for 8 months and to try to minimize the impact on the population will be carried out with 4 different phases:

Next September the works of the first phase of the work will begin, marking a priority to minimize the possible inconvenience to the neighbours in the area.

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