Constècnia – Empresa Constructora



Throughout these 25 years we have accumulated a great experience which gives us the confidence to deal with the most diverse projects that are entrusted to us, knowing that there will always be a guaranteed success.
Find below some of the type of works we have executed:

Urban facilities
Buildings for the elders, remodelling of commercial offices and adaptation of buildings for new uses.

Tertiary Sector
Industrial buildings; construction, upgrading and expansion of supermarkets.

Educational Centres
New construction, remodelling, comprehensive refurbishment for new activities as well as extension of existent centres.

Sports centres and facilities
Construction of pavilions, pools, paddle tennis courts, locker rooms, and sports areas amongst others.

Construction of single-family housing units and multi-family housing units; buildings and row houses; Car parks and shops.

Civil Works
Urbanitsation of streets, squares, roads, bridges, and roundabouts amongst others.

Historical and artistic property
One of the new ways we have undertaken is the restoration of property. We have achieved the maximum quality classification”K7e”, issued by the Consultive Board on Administrative Procurement of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Our experience in this field has been satisfactory for all parts involved in the project and we ensure that our interventions offer the required sensitivity in this type of actions by joining efforts with expert professionals who have proved track of a verified and successful career.

Industrial Building
Industrial constructions, renovations and extensions of specific areas, various industrial infrastructures, special foundations for specific machinery, and ponds amongst others.